In the Electrathon challenge, teams build one-person cars with a metal frame or fiberglass body. The cars are under 12ft long and 4ft wide. Powered by only two car batteries, competitors try to complete the longest distance in one hour’s time on one charge. Drivers should go fast to get laps in under the time limit, but they have to be careful to not to waste electricity.

One race is held in the fall and one in the spring. In a race, drivers switch after a half hour, and it is required that Electrathon drivers have licenses. We compete in the CT Electrathon Challenge at Lime Rock Park.  To learn more about the CT Electrathon Challenge, check out thier website: (look for our car and drivers feaured on thier homepage video).  Also checkout to learn about electrathon across the nation and in your area.